More alleged iPhone 5S specs leak

New rumoured specs for Apple's iPhone 5S have arisen from China, alongside photos of apparent parts. In addition to once again claiming that the design will be almost exactly the same as the current iPhone 5, the new information signals a significant spec bump which includes an improved display and enhanced internals.

Users should first notice a fingerprint reader for added security, although this component is said to have been delayed in manufacture. The display will have the same 'retina' resolution of 1136x640 as the previous generation, but will for the first time be an IGZO display (which are designed for high resolutions, and may improve battery life). This would be the first time Apple have changed the technology of their displays since the iPhone 4, only increasing the size in the iPhone 5.

EXPreview also report that an NFC chip will appear in the new device, which will likely add features to iOS's Passbook app, designed for mobile payments and tickets. Further, the camera will be improved, up from eight megapixels to twelve with a dual LED flash.

On the motherboard, the 5S is expected to have 2GB of RAM, bringing it in line with competing devices, and the same A6 chip as the iPhone 5, but with a higher clock speed. The iPhone 5 is already a fast device, so many users may not feel hugely compelled to upgrade for this reason.

This news comes alongside rumours of a cheaper, plastic iPhone, although all news of this sort should be taken with a pinch of salt, however realistic these new proposals seem.

Source: EXPreview

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