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More than 30,000 projects started within 48 hours of Windows Phone App Studio release

Navigate to the 32-minute mark to hear Bryan Tomlinson's interview.

Microsoft released the Windows Phone App Studio just three days ago, but the company is already seeing an massive influx of projects started with the online program that's designed to make building an app easy.

According to Bryan Tomlinson, a senior product manager at Microsoft, more than 30,000 app projects were started with the program within the first 48 hours of its release. Tomlinson's comments came on Thursday's live Windows Developer Show, where he emphasized the fact that users don't need coding experience to use the product.

"Right now we're sort of throttling usage, which is one thing," he said. "The response to it was a little greater than we anticipated. Over 30,000 app projects were created within the first 48 hours. It was incredible – a nice problem to have – but now we're throttling use. So all you do is get on there and you're going to request an access code. ... We'll reply within 24 hours with your own access code so that you can get in."

TechCrunch's Alex Wilhelm, a guest host on the show, noted that he made his own app with the program, though he took issue with Microsoft marketing the program for "savvy developers" despite clearly being designed for people without much or any programming experience.

"I went through and made a silly app and made a couple of jokes along the way and was like, 'This is cool,' and it was aimed more at students and people who are not familiar with development," he said. "But look at where Microsoft is positioning it. They're positioning it for savvy developers who are 'busy.'"

Microsoft's original announcement of the program emphasized that it was for "everyone," though the website for the program itself greets "the savvy developer filled with great ideas but not enough time."

Source: Windows Developer Show via TechCrunch | Image via Microsoft

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