MSN "All systems go" but Neowin users disagree

As with any service you expect interruptions from time to time, especially from one that is free like MSN Hotmail and its Messenger service (for non subscribers). However one is left wondering when the service appears to be struggling, down and unreachable and the when you are finally able to get the page at .NET Messenger Service Status it tells you "All systems go" heh.

Anyway as the discussion on Neowin shows, many users (including myself) are still unable to login to the MSN/Windows Messenger service and even MSN Hotmail appears to be having troubles but I was able after a few attempts to login and read my email @ Hotmail.

Microsoft are as usual unable to respond and have posted no information or news that could cause these problems. Tomorrow will see the start of a media blitz by Microsoft with among other things Windows Media Player 9 and Plus! DME (Digital Media Edition) will release to the public. This is most likely unrelated as nothing has been released yet to hog the servers.

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View: All Systems Go! (sometimes down due to too many connections)

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