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MSN Messenger 6 Build 6.0.0503 Released

Thanks Jonny for the heads up

A new and improved version of Microsoft's popular instant messaging client has been released today. It seems the official release marked for a weeks time has either been put forward to now or this build has been released by mistake.

MSN 9 is due to start beta testing in as little as a months time. And it's rumoured MSN 9 will contain MSN Messenger 6.1 which could have functions such as more launch site activities (new games, photo sharing, updated & integrated version of Three Degrees) locked only to MSN 9 subscribers with the new premium and plus services being created.

This version is still compatible with Messenger Plus! and an ad-patcher will follow for those who don't use Messenger Plus!.

Either way it's a new build and will likely be close to or the build that is released officially within the week. Enjoy.

Download: Download MSN Messenger 6.0.0503 for Windows XP | Windows 2000 | Windows 98/ME

View: View Messenger 6 Download Site

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