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Nagao shows off GPU Mirror so you can admire the beauty of your GPU fans

Let's be honest, gamers love to look at and admire the beauty of the Gaming PCs they build, to be mesmerized by the fancy RGB lighting as well as their own sublime cable management skills. That's probably one of the major reasons, if not the only reason, for the existence of tempered glass computer cases. However, due to the horizontal mounting of graphics cards, the beautiful front side design of the GPUs with all the fans, etc., can be very difficult, if not impossible, to look at. Of course, you can mount a graphics card vertically as well, but that could mess up the airflow of your system and you'd also miss the sexy backplate (provided your GPU has one).

Japanese PC firm, Nagao seems to have just the solution to this problem as the company has devised an amusing mirror that can be placed below your graphics card (see images above) so that the front view of the card becomes visible to us from our general seated position at the PC. Although it's nothing ground-breaking technologically, the effort is still praiseworthy for its simplicity and imaginativeness, and it could well "just work".

The mirror is based on 2mm thick acrylic for robustness. The mounting stand that holds the mirror can be rotated by an angle of zero to 90 degrees for the perfect adjustment. Smaller cases, though, may not be able to fit it, so the dimensions of the mirror must be kept in mind.

Sadly, while this is certainly an interesting product that could definitely appeal to a lot of gamers, even for comedic factor, information on wider international availability and pricing hasn't been disclosed as of now.

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