Need for Speed Payback trailer shows off vehicle customizations and Derelict Cars

The trailer for Need for Speed Payback was revealed last month and gave us our first look at the next iteration in a long running series. Much like older Need for Speed games, it seemed truer to its roots, evading police and offering up a story that focused on one of three selectable characters.

But another interesting part of the game seemed to revolve around the idea that you could take a car and fully customize it. This wasn't just about just slapping on a wing or rims on a vehicle either, the new game looked to offer something deeper like taking an old clunker and fully restoring it to its former glory and beyond.

Today, a new trailer for the game has been revealed that shows off what is possible when it comes to customizing a car in Payback. As mentioned before, this time around, it isn't about simply slapping on a full body kit, but now there will be a finer level of customizations that can be achieved like replacing the fenders, side skirts, and other parts, for a truly unique look to your vehicle.

A new kind of car called Derelicts will also be added to the game. In order to start this project build, you'll have to find an abandoned chassis in the world of Need for Speed, then locate four other parts like the wheels, drivetrain and more. Players will be able to convert the Derelict Cars into a driveable unit and from there start customizing the unit to their heart's content.

Need for Speed Payback will arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC starting on November 10.

Source: EA 1, 2

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