Neowin: Why haven't you registered yet? And ad changes

At Neowin it always baffles me why we have on average thousands more guests versus members at any one time, usually during work days.

Registering on Neowin is free; all it requires is a valid email address which is never shared with a third party, or shared with other registered members.

Your email address remains private and only visible to our staff and yourself. Neowin prides itself on its stance on privacy for our members, we don't even send out bulk emails to our members because when we tried (usually after upgrades) we found that our forum software has trouble processing hundreds of thousands of members we've accumulated over the past twelve years anyway, so we opt to post announcements here instead.

Ad Changes

Anyway, last week we moved around a few ads specifically for guests on advice from a fellow tech site owner and two of our advertisers. Registered members were unaffected by the changes, except for one small change to the top ad in the sidebar of the forums. If you're registered the ads are in different spots or not at all!

So if you lurk Neowin frequently, and don't even care to participate in the news comments or community forums, consider registering an account for a better experience, more off topic forums and fewer ads.

We also rely on our readers for feedback, this is after all a community effort. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Register a free account on Neowin, Why Register?

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