NES Switch Online app gets VS. Excitebike, Donkey Kong Jr., and Clu Clu Land in May

It's a new month, which means it's time for Nintendo to announce a handful of new Nintendo Entertainment System games for subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service. This month's additions seem fairly tame after the addition of Punch-Out!! in April, but there are still some relatively popular titles.

First, there's VS. Excitebike, which is actually the third variant of Excitebike that's available on the Nintendo Switch. The original release was already available in the Switch Online app, and it's also possible to buy Arcade Archives Excitebike separately for $6.99. What differentiates VS. Excitebike is the ability for two players to compete with each other. There are also some UI changes and new music.

Another addition is Donkey Kong Jr., which is a sequel to the already available Donkey Kong. In this game, you play as Junior, the child of Donkey Kong, who was the villain in the original title. In the sequel, Junior is trying to break his father free from the cage Mario seemingly locked him in in the first game.

Lastly, there's Clu Clu Land, where you play as Bubbles, a balloonfish that's on a journey to retrieve treasure stolen from the Clu Clu Land kingdom. The player must collect gold ingots in each stage while avoiding black holes and enemies that try to capture them.

While the continuous addition of new titles to Nintendo Switch Online collection is welcome, it would be nice if Nintendo would expand the program to newer platforms such as the Super Nintendo, but there's no official indication that this will happen. This year's E3 isn't too far away now, so maybe the company will have something to announce by then.

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