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Netflix's subscription price hike causes a massive net protest

Netflix's decision to raise the prices of its streaming video-DVD mail order rental combos by 60 percent has started a massive net protest against the company. The original announcement of the price changes on Netflix's blog site has resulted in (so far) over 5,000 comments, with the majority of them expressing their disappointment in this move. Many of the commentators have said they will be canceling their Netflix subscriptions altogether.

Netflix's decision to basically split up the streaming and DVD mail order rental price plans and force subscribers to purchase two full price plans if they want to continue to have both has caused many of its customers to write posts like this one from an anonymous commentator: "Give me both options for a reasonable price or I'm out. How about a discount if you want both plans? 10 to 12 dollars a month for BOTH streaming and dvds. You actually think that people are going to pay more in a financial crisis? What is going on here! I thought Netflix cared about there (sic) customers." The official Facebook web page for Netflix is much the same. Over 25,000 comments have been posted about the pricing changes and the majority of the commentators clearly don't care for it.

Dave Zatz, the founder of the popular consumer electronic site Zatz Not Funny, has also announced he will be canceling his Netflix subscription due to limited use of the streaming video service and the price hike. However he adds, "I imagine for heavy users of the service and/or those with interest in online streaming only ($7.99/mo), Netflix will remain valuable." A poll at the Hacking Netflix web site currently states that over 33 percent of the respondents say they plan to quit Netflix altogether as a result of the price hike.

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