New G Suite security controls use advanced Machine Learning to keep users safe

Google announced that they have added new advanced security features to their G Suite of office applications. These new features, which are aimed at organizations, use advanced machine learning to prevent phishing attacks and keep your company's data secure. This ties into tools such as DLP to prevent data leaks.

On top of these new security protocols, Google is adding stronger OAuth white listing features which will give administrators more control and visibility over which 3rd party apps use and access your data. This also prevents the inevitable user granting a malicious app access by giving the Admin full control.

Main data points issued by Google include:

  • Detailed visibility and access controls over 3rd party apps and the data they have access to.
  • Give access to vetted and trusted applications, when your organization approves them
  • Prevent unauthorized app installations

These features will roll out to your Admin console in the next few days according to Google.

Source: Google Blog

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