New Hawken cinematic trailer released

The upcoming mech action game Hawken has been announced for some time now but we still get excited every time developer Adhesive Games releases some new gameplay footage. This week, a new "cinematic" trailer for Hawken was released as part of a fan event for the game at PAX East.

As you can see in the trailer, this game, which uses Unreal Engine 3, is just one of the best looking titles we have see in some time, thanks mostly to the impressive art direction and visual effects. They give Hawken a "grim and gritty" look that's not usually present in most games of this type.

PAX East, which is being held in Boston this weekend, is the first chance the general public will be able to play Hawken. reports that there will be three different size of mechs in the PC exclusive game. Bigger mechs are slow but are powerful and gather energy better while smaller mechs are quick but don't have as much defensive capabilities.

There will be a beta period before the game itself is launched, which Adhesive Games claims will happen on December 12th (or 12.12.12, if you prefer). The company also announced this week that a Hawken graphic novel is in the works.

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