New Intel drivers give up to 30% performance boost for Surface Pro 3

The great thing about software is that it can be updated easily and when done correctly, can improve performance too. That's exactly the case here with Intel's new drivers for its HD 4400 /5000 series chip sets that are part of the Core M Processor line that are used in the Surface Pro 3.

The update is said to improve performance by up to 30% in some activities which is a solid increase for a simple driver update. Intel's integrated graphics chips are not known to be the hardest hitting chip sets on the block, especially when it comes to games, so when Intel is touting a 10% performance improvement in gaming, it makes for happy consumers.

Intel's documentation states:

This driver provides significant gaming performance for 4th generation Intel® Core processors with Intel HD, Iris™ and Iris Pro graphics provides improvements while enhancing battery life through newer power conservation techniques such as CMAA* and Adaptive Rendering Control. Experience up to 30% improvement in performance in certain OpenCL workloads and up to 10% improvement certain games. The new and enhanced control panel offers additional media and display customization capabilities.

It is important to know that when you install these drivers, Windows will tell you that they are an older version. But, if you bypass the flag, the drivers will install just fine (we tested it ourselves) and you will enjoy the improved performance.

We would expect Microsoft push these drivers down through Windows Update in the near future but if you like to live dangerously (ok, not dangerously at all), you can install them manually. If you do install the drivers, keep an eye on your battery life too, as Intel says that should be improved as well.

Source: Intel | Change log (PDF)|Via: Rubino on Twitter

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