New PS3 remote control coming to US in late October

While the vast majority of Playstation 3 owners likely use their included wireless gamepad controller to handle most aspects of the game console, Sony does sell a standard remote controller for the product as well. Now Joystiq reports that PS3 owners in the US can look forward to a new version of that PS3 remote controller that will be released sometime in late October. This new version will add a number of new features that should come in handy if you have more than just the PS3 in the house.

The new PS3 remote has already been released in Japan. Soon, US users will be able to purchase the revised product which will not only access the PS3 but will also be able to control televisions and Sony made amplifiers. The new remote will also be able to access the PS3's Netflix application. As you can see from the product image there are new volume controls at the bottom of the revised remote. Pricing for the revised PS3 remote controller have yet to be announced but the previous US version currently has a $25 price tag.

Meanwhile, PS3 gamers are still awaiting the release of the long promised Playstation 3D Display. The $499.99 24 inch 3D monitor with a pair of 3D glasses and a free copy of the PS3 arcade racing game Motorstorm: Apocalypse was first announced at E3 2011 in June and is currently scheduled to ship on November 26, according to GameStop's web site.

Image via Sony

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