Newest Humble Bundle includes Android ports

The Humble Bundle team has been offering gamers a way to purchase some great indie PC, Mac and Linux game titles for as little or as much as they want to pay for a while now. The last Humble Indie Bundle, launched in December, managed to generate over $2.37 million in revenue over 14 days. Today the newest Humble Bundle package was announced but this one has added a new twist to the mix.

The four games that are a part of the bundle are not only being offered to gamers in their PC, Mac and Linux form but for the first time the Humble Bundle team are also offering the Android versions of the games. Gamers can get the sci-fi tower defense game Anomaly Warzone Earth, the puzzle title EDGE, the arcade like Osmos and the classic indie game World of Goo in this newest collection of titles (World of Goo is offered to people who pay more than the current average).

As with previous Humble Bundles, gamers can also choose to split their donations across all four game developers. They also have the option to send money to two different charities: Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Gamers can also send a tip to the Humble Bundle team themselves. This current deal will end on February 14.

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