Nintendo believes Switch will get games faster in the future

At Nintendo's Direct presentation yesterday, a couple of major multi-platform titles were showcased as coming to the Switch. While fans may have been happy to receive Dragon Ball FighterZ and Fortnite on the hybrid console, the releases are happening significantly later than on other platforms. The same also happened with Bethesda's Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, with the latter being slated for release later this month.

This may leave some followers wondering if this trend will keep up in the future, and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé addressed the matter talking to The Verge, pointing to the newness of the system as a reason for these delays:

We’re talking today about a platform that is 16 months old (...). The development cycle today is multiple years. So I would argue that beginning at the end of this year, or next year, that gap will have closed. Because key developers have had the development systems, they’ll have been working to create content for our platform from the beginning. That’s what is going to close that time gap.

While this is an acceptable argument, this kind of delay isn't usually as prevalent in competitors' systems. The commercial failure of the company's Wii U console could be another reason why developers might have been hesitant to jump on the Switch. We'll have to wait and see if companies will invest more on the platform going forward given its popularity.

Source: The Verge via Nintendo Everything

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