Nintendo SNES Classic Edition gets deconstructed

After months of waiting, the SNES Classic Edition was finally released on Friday. The lines were deep, with many excited gamers and resellers waiting hours to get one. Although there was plenty more this go-around compared to the NES Classic Edition, the inventory quickly sold out in its first day. While not everyone is currently enjoying the console due to limited quantities, you might find a bit of enjoyment by watching the console get deconstructed, showing off what makes it tick.

As you can probably imagine, the console itself isn't all that sophisticated. You can access the innards by removing four Philips-head screws on the bottom, revealing two circuit boards. There is a smaller one that controls the switches on the top like the power and reset, and the other being the main one that houses the processor and controller inputs. Perhaps the more interesting part of the breakdown is the controllers, offering a bit more of a sophisticated setup compared to the console.

For those that still want to get their hands on a unit, Nintendo has stated that they will be producing the SNES Classic Edition into 2018. At this moment, it is unknown when the firm will restock but, if you aren't patient, you can always head to eBay and purchase one at a $100 markup.

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