No Man's Sky Desolation update has haunted space wreckages to explore

Ongoing updates to Hello Games' No Man's Sky have recently delivered giant mechs and living ships that hatch from eggs to the sandbox title, and now, haunted freighters have entered universe for brave explorers to find. Catch a glimpse of what players can expect to see in these wreckages on the update trailer above.

The interiors of these vessels are procedurally generated, meaning no two exploration missions - either solo or with a group - will offer the same experience. Scattered crew logs and personal effects will paint a picture as to what's the story behind these doomed ships. While exploring, players will be able to find valuable salvage and unique upgrades to their own capital ship.

It won't be without danger, however, as old defense systems can still be active, plus environmental hazards can be anywhere. Some ships should even have creepy alien lifeforms infesting them to fight through. As part of the update, the combat system has gotten an upgrade too, which will be faster and more dynamic according to the developer.

The full patch notes for the Desolation update can be seen here, which has details on the updates to various graphical effects, freighter changes, combat mechanics, and other quality of life improvements.

Morover, Hello Games touched on how the recent Xbox Game Pass launch and cross-play implementations have impacted the title, saying:

"Unifying our community and all their in-game creations on one network was a phenomenal achievement by our small technical team. It’s been a real surprise too to see No Man’s Sky sitting above the likes of Red Dead as the most played game on GamePass."

The No Man's Sky Desolation update is rolling out to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation 4 players today. There is currently a 50% discount running for the title across all platforms as well.

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