Nokia CEO talks about iPhone and Windows Phone 7

On the day that Apple announced the next version of its iPhone, the head of one of its biggest rivals, Nokia, praised the launch of the original iPhone. Reuters reports that Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop, speaking at a technology fair, said, "You could argue that one of the most fundamental disruptions that the industry faced happened around 2007 ... when the iPhone was introduced. The iPhone did something disruptive. It introduced a new level of experience. They created a new bar... that all of a sudden everything else was measured against."

Elop, who spoke before Apple announced the iPhone 4S today, also believes that there is room for more than one or two mobile smartphone operating systems. Nokia is teaming up with Microsoft to launch smartphones based on Windows Phone 7. Elop told the crowd that Nokia will officially announce its first such Windows Phone 7-based products later this quarter. As far as competition with the iPhone or Android-based devices, Elop said today, "Our belief is that there is a clear opportunity for an alternative ecosystem."

Rumors and leaks about what might be included in the first Nokia Windows Phone 7-based devices have been hitting the Internet over the past few days. One rumor has Nokia releasing at least three products; the Nokia Searay, the Nokia Sabre and the Nokia Ace. The company is expected to make its big announcement concerning its first WP7-based products in London later in October where it will hold its Nokia World developer conference.

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