Nokia Lumia 925 ad features scary-looking folks with serious red-eye

Nokia's latest flagship, the thin and light Lumia 925, impressed us when we first got our paws on it last month, but it was only when we reviewed it last week that we really discovered what a great all-rounder it is. Indeed, we declared it not just the best Windows Phone by far, but also one of the best smartphones on the market today. 

A big part of the handset's appeal is its 8.7MP PureView camera. The company claims that it can capture "more than your eyes can see", and while that's perhaps a stretch, it's easily one of the most impressive smartphone cameras we've seen. 

No surprises, then, that Nokia is leading with the camera in its advertising campaign for the new handset. But rather than regurgitating dry facts about the camera's imaging prowess, or same-again footage of happy families laughing and grinning like idiots while taking photos of each other at the beach, Nokia has taken a slightly different approach to promoting the camera in its new Lumia 925 ad. 

The ad follows a character walking through a city just after midnight, who finds himself startled by mysterious flashes of light around the next corner. As he moves to investigate, he's passed by some rather scary individuals, staggering towards him with brightly glowing skin and some pretty wild red-eye issues. 

Peering around the corner, he finds the cause - a man holding what's clearly a de-badged Apple iPhone 5, taking photos of other, normal looking folk, before obliterating their skin tone and infusing them with red-eye thanks to the flash.

As the ad builds to its climax, the protagonist finds himself approached by the camera-wielding lunatic, who demands a "PHOOOOTOOOOO", before the point of the ad is revealed: Nokia claims that the Lumia 925 captures "the best pictures in any light...even without the flash". 

The ad is of course intended to highlight the Lumia 925's ability to snap impressive pics in low-light conditions, without resorting to using the smartphone flash that often makes everyone appear considerably brighter than they are, and introduces that ever-annoying red-eye to many photos. Of course, if you really want to use the flash, the Lumia 925 still has a dual-LED unit, along with red-eye reduction tools in Nokia's Creative Studio app. 

Be sure to watch the vid in full, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below: 

Source: YouTube

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