Nvidia Geforce FX cards will be in the shops in January

CREATIVE LABS has given an interesting interview to one site somewhere, and around about the same time we spoke with the same people and got some extra news. Creative told us that initial quantities of the "lovely" Geforce FX will be available in "extremely restricted quantities" and Nvidia is going to offer them to a small number of partners only.

In this old continent called Europe, including the rebellious little kingdom called the UK, that keeps throwing its toys out of its pram, Creative will first sell these cards. In USA, there will be one significant partner, and we suspect it might be the weirdly named PNY as it is strong enough and is already rolling on theQuadro business -- but we might be wrong.

Creative promises us that its Geforce FX will be available in end of January in retail and we heard that in Europe you will be able to only buy from Creative for the time being. This means that if you prefer any other card apart from Creative Labs in Europe you will just have to go twiddle your fingers for a while.

Well, we don't call Creative Labs the king of retail for nothing, and it claims that Nvidia recognises the excellence of its distribution channels and can place its products "on 20,000+ retail shelves in less than a week," boasted a Creative Labs executive. As for pricing, we think we are looking at $499 USD SPR - a suggested retail price excluding VAT that will make this card even more expensive. This price is not yet finally decided.

News source: The Inq

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