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Nvidia GeForce NOW adds Still Wakes The Deep and three more games to its cloud library

Still Wakes the Deep review

The Nvidia GeForce NOW cloud gaming service is having a little bit of a slow week in terms of new games being added for its subscribers. There are only four games that are included in the service this time out, but three of them can be played with a subscription to Microsoft's PC Game Pass.

That includes Still Wakes The Deep, the Day One release for PC Game Pass. This horror-themed game from developer The Chinese Room uses Unreal Engine 5, and our review of the game gave it high marks for not only its horror-themed gameplay but also how the development team optimized the game to run well on Unreal Engine 5, which has been something other developers have had difficulty in doing.

Another game that was added to GeForce NOW this week is Tell Me Why. This game was launched back in 2020 by developer Dontnod Entertainment and was published by Microsoft via its Xbox Game Studios brand. This is an episodic adventure game about a brother and sister who are not only twins but can communicate with each other telepathically. The storyline focuses on the twins as they try to find out why their mother died.

GeForce NOW also added Ask Dusk Falls, another adventure game published by Xbox Game Studios. This 2022 title from the developer Interior Night takes place in 1998 and follows two groups of families that come together after their cars collide with each other in a small Arizona town.

The final game that will be added to GeForce NOW this week is Skye: The Misty Isle. This new title from developer Aurora Game Studios is described as a "hyper-realistic, Viking survival game". You will have to build a home, learn how to hunt, fish, and farm, and deal with your neighbors. This game is available via GeForce Now if you bought it on Steam.

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