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NVIDIA WHQL Certified Drivers 27.00 On Windows Update Catalog

Thanks Julien of Activewin for this one. he has noticed WHQL 27.00 Detonators listed on Windows Update Catalog, so for the people who did not dare or manage to get hold of the leaked 27.10's then these are for you!

New NVIDIA WHQL Certified drivers have just appeared on Windows XP's Windows Update Catalog. Windows Update now offers brand new NVIDIA Detonator 27.00 WHQL Certified for download. Those drivers were published on January 23th 2002, WHQL certified on January 16th 2002 and are dated December 19th 2001. These new drivers support every NVIDIA cards released to date, including the forthcoming NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX440/460, Quadro 4 200/400NVS and Quadro 4 500XGL. In addition, Windows Update also contains the latest WHQL certified NVIDIA Media Driver 1.0.8 that is aimed to be used with the Personal Cinema.

To download, go to Windows Update > Click (in the bottom set of links) Windows Update Catalog > Find driver updates for hardware devices > Video > Select "NVIDIA Corporation" then your XP version > Search. Scroll to the bottom to find the WHQL 27.00 DetonatorXP driver.

View: Windows Update (this news applies to XP)

News source: Activewin

These appear to only include the .inf for GeForce 4 cards. Unlike ALL earlier releases this misses the additional information for all previous nvidia chipsets.

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