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Obama pushes to delay DTV

President-elect Barrack Obama is preparing to delay the switch over from analog to digital as one of his first duties as president, stating that many Americans are not ready for the switch. The cut off date was scheduled for February 17, 2009 in America, which was to free up airwaves for emergency services.

"We are extremely pleased the incoming administration is supportive of consumer efforts to ensure that the poor, elderly and rural consumers do not face economic hardship as we move broadcasting to digital transmission," said Gene Kimmelman, the group's vice president for federal policy.

The DTV coupons offered by the US government ran into short supply, after many consumers rushed to get one of the $40 coupons, maximum two per household, nearing the deadline for the cut off. Anyone who submitted a request for one after February 4 was put onto a waiting list, unsure if those on the waiting list will receive one. Talks about putting more money forward to the already $1.34 Billion allocated to help the switch are under way.

The switch to DTV will rid of the "rabbit ears" on TV's, switching over to digital broadcasts only, requiring all owners to have a satellite connection, or digital converter box. Currently, only the Netherlands and Finland have fully switch to digital broadcasts, while countries like Canada will switch on August 31, 2011, followed by Japan on July 24, 2011, and the UK in 2012.

Looks like this lady won't need to worry for a little longer:

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