Office Insiders on iOS get dictation on Word, new Outlook features, and more

Microsoft has released a new monthly update to the Office suite of apps on iOS, bumping the version to 2.60. The release brings a couple of new features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Those include new keyboard shortcuts when a hardware keyboard is connected and the ability to annotate on PDFs using the text annotation capabilities. Most other features in the build are related to Word and Outlook.

Word is getting a new voice command feature, making it easier to perform actions such as starting lists, deleting text, and more. Users can tap on the small microphone icon to toggle to the dictation experience, and then tap on the large microphone icon to start saying the commands. The dictation also supports adding punctuation.

Outlook is receiving a few new features such as the ability to create tasks from emails, meeting suggestions, and more. These features were announced earlier this month. Users can now add tasks to the Microsoft To Do app right from an email from the email options. However, users must head to To Do app to add more detail or set reminders. Another nifty UI change is the replacement of the compose button (or the new item icon, in Calendar) to the bottom right portion of the app. This makes it easier to tap when using the phone one-handed.

Another useful feature is the meeting suggestions option. Outlook will now serve users with reply suggestions when it detects emails relating to schedules. It offers quick replies such as declining the meeting or sending across calendar availability.

Some other minor features also being added to Outlook include the ability to book a physical workspace through the app, similar to how one would book conference rooms, the option to create or join meetings on third-party apps such as WebEx or Zoom, and a redesigned Apple Watch homepage UI.

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