OnePlus 3 update rollout has been stopped "due to some reports of issues while upgrading"

OnePlus has stopped the rollout of an important update that it announced two weeks ago for its new flagship phone, after unspecified 'issues' were discovered following the update's release - and it's not yet clear when it will resume.

The company unveiled the high-end OnePlus 3 in mid-June to considerable praise - but concerns were raised over how the device managed its 6GB of RAM, along with severe criticisms regarding the poor color calibration of its display. OnePlus said it would deliver an update to address these concerns.

On Monday, it began rolling out OxygenOS 3.2.0 for the OnePlus 3 - bringing fixes for those issues, along with various other improvements - and said that it expected to have finished upgrading all handsets within 48 hours.

But since then, the company has halted its rollout, offering only a vague explanation for doing so. OnePlus said that it was "temporarily stopping" the deployment of the update "due to some reports of issues while upgrading".

Pending further investigation and resolution of those issues, it added that it "will start back up as soon as possible".

There's no hint yet of when that might be, but OnePlus 3 owners will no doubt prefer that the company thoroughly investigates and fixes those problems before resuming its rollout.

Source: OnePlus via Android Police

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