OnePlus beats a dead horse by delivering another Dash Charge video

It was only a few days ago that OnePlus delivered a video that showed off the 5T's Dash Charge capability and how it compares to its competitors. Now, the firm has released another video, again, demonstrating how the proprietary charging solution can best the competition.

In this go-around, OnePlus is once again comparing the charge rate of the 5T against the iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S8+, Pixel 2 XL. This time, the smartphones are viewing a live stream video, which can be quite an intensive process, causing quite a bit of battery drain. After 30 minutes of charging, the 5T is in the lead by quite a bit, able to charge up to 64%, while the others are in the low 20s.

It is clear that Dash Charge technology works well even when the handset is being used for intense processes. The firm has also previously shown this off with its GPS navigation video. We can only assume that there will probably be another charging video sometime soon, pitting the 5T against the same handsets, just in case it wasn't clear that Dash Charge offers a superior experience. Until then, you can purchase the OnePlus 5T starting at $499.

Source: OnePlus (YouTube)

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