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OpenAI reportedly is working on a ChatGPT mobile app along with AI-created videos

OpenAI's ChatGPT app continues to send huge ripples throughout the entire tech industry. However, those ripples could soon turn into tidal waves. According to a new article on Semafor, using unnamed sources, OpenAI is working on a mobile app version of ChatGPT, along with a new feature that will allow users to make videos with AI assistance, similar to the image generation AI app Dall-E.

This report follows up on previous rumors that Microsoft plans to incorporate ChatGPT into its long-suffering Bing search engine. This new report claims that OpenAI plans to introduce a new and faster version of ChatGPT, called GPT-4, into Bing " in the coming weeks", The report claims that GPT-4 creates answers to questions much faster than the current GPT-3 version and those answers also look more like a human wrote it.

The upcoming mobile app, according to the report, should give ChatGPT an even bigger base to provide feedback to OpenAI so the AI service can offer better answers. There's no word on when the mobile version will be released. The report also does not give any more details about the new AI-assisted video creation tool.

The article does reveal that each search made on ChatGPT costs a couple of cents, which means it's extremely expensive to run the program. Microsoft and OpenAI will have to find new ways to keep the ChatGPT servers running and make them run more efficiently. Indeed, it's not uncommon to go to the ChatGPT web site and find that it's not working due to too many users at once.

Neither Microsoft nor OpenAI has commented on Semafor's new report.

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