Opera 55 brings more control over visited web pages and more accessible bookmarks

Opera Software has released the latest version of its web browser, Opera 55. The new update comes with several big changes including improved controls over web pages that users visit, the easier installation of Chrome extensions, easier access to bookmarks, and a refreshed settings page that includes dark theme support.

The new settings menu in the browser is now split into four sections, these sections are Basic, Privacy and security, Features, and Browser. The Basic tab includes options for ad blocking, wallpapers, appearances, the sidebar, sync, search engines, setting your default browser, and browser start-up options. The other three sections are nested under Advanced. If you use the browser’s dark theme, the settings menu will reflect this.

In addition, the site settings pop-up, that can be invoked by pressing the icon to the left of the URL, has been enhanced. The pop-up shows all the security and content information about the page in one place and offers a shortcut to Opera’s settings page for adjusting the page’s content settings. With the expanded pop-up menu you can also directly control site settings (such as access to location) without having to drill down into the deeper settings menu.

Those of you who like installing extensions will be happy to know that Opera 55 makes the installation experience a bit easier. Next time you visit the Chrome Web Store, you’ll be given the option to install the ‘Add to Opera’ button which will appear in the address and search bar. To add extensions, browse the Web Store for the extension you want then hit the ‘Add to Opera’ button. To complete the installation, you’ll then need to go to Opera’s extensions manager and confirm the installation by clicking the install button.

The last big change in this update is the ability to access bookmarks more easily. With Opera 55, the firm decided to switch the bookmarks bar on by default. If you already use the bookmarks bar, your bookmarks will remain the same, but if you have it disabled it will now be displayed with five bookmarks for websites that are popular in your country. You can disable the bookmarks bar in Opera’s settings page.

Opera 55 is ready for download now.

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