Opera teases new tablet-friendly web browser

Opera has released a new video demonstrating their new web browser created specifically with touch-based tablet devices in mind.

With the amount of tablet devices to be shipped in 2011 expected to grow to almost 54.8 million alongside a shift in the number of different tablets available on the market, developers behind the popular web browser Opera are hoping to capitalise by launching a completely revamped web browser designed with large screen touch-based interfaces in mind.

Just days before the world's biggest consumer electronic show CES 2011 begins, the company has released a promotional video teasing the new-look browser running on an Android tablet, showing an all-new homescreen with tiles of your most visited and popular websites and smooth pinch-to-zoom functionality.

"This is the first preview of Opera for tablets," the video teases. "The Opera experience brings smooth panning, and smooth zooming. This is only the first sneak peek."

The company says the first public preview of the new-look web browser will be unveiled during CES, with more information to follow. Journalists attending the event will also be able to experience a 'hands-on' preview of the browser.

Unfortunately it's unclear at this stage if the browser will be available on other platforms aside from Android, although with Apple's strict application guidelines for their App Store which have left other web browsers -- including competitor Mozilla Firefox -- from developing iOS apps, it's likely to be Android-only at least for the foreseeable future.


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