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Over 10 minutes of Star Wars Outlaws gameplay shows off a Tatooine-set mission

The Ubisoft Forward presentation kicked off with a long look at the upcoming Massive Entertainment title Star Wars Outlaws. The adventure title is being touted as the first-ever open-world Star Wars game, and Ubisoft pulled out not one but two trailers to draw in fans, one giving an overview of the gameplay, and an extended 10-minute showcase of essentially an entire mission. Catch the former above and the latter below.

The fresh gameplay shows off our protagonist Kay Vess and her tiny companion Nix attempting to find a gunslinger, which involves heading to everyone's favorite twin-sun planet, Tatooine. When found, and like other experts, this one will let players upgrade one of Kay's powers. This time the target is to improve her blaster skills.

Before getting to Tatooine, Kay Vess has a short dog fight in space to protect a freighter under attack by pirate starfighters. The game's reputation system is shown off briefly here too, where by saving the freighter, Kay gains the support of the syndicate controlling it.

The next stop is the iconic cantina Mos Eisley, which the developer describes as a "dream come true for our team, allowing us to show parts of Mos Eisley you've never seen before." Following the information to a storehouse somewhere in the region, Kay and Nix then infiltrate a Hutt Cartel storehouse using stealth and non-lethal tactics available to them. As expected, things don't go according to plan.

Star Wars Outlaws

"One of your motivations for exploration is to find elusive experts scattered across the galaxy who will help Kay pick up new skills to survive in the underworld," explains Game Director Mathias Karlson.

Star Wars Outlaws is coming out on PC via Ubisoft Connect, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 on August 30. However, pre-ordering the game's Gold or Ultimate editions, or being subscribed to the Ubisoft+ Premium subscription, means the game unlocks three days earlier on August 27.

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