Party like it's 1234567890

This is one of those tidbits only a true geek will appreciate. For those of us who are completely out of the Unix loop, the operating system measures time by counting seconds from January 1, 1970. Needless to say, quite a few seconds have passed in the past 39 years and today, at 6:31:30 PM EST, that magical number will reach the wonderfully sequential 1,234,567,890 mark.

Yes, we all know this isn't something you'll go around bragging about to your friends, but, for the inner geek in you, wait for that moment and just smile a bit. A angel may get it's wings or someone may install a *nix client for the first time. The possibilities of this magical moment are endless.

If you make the tragic mistake of missing this historical moment, fear not. Engadget has kindly pointed out that you will have another opportunity on December 22, 2282 at 3:13:30PM EST when the Unix clock strikes 9876543210.

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