Perhaps unwisely, Steam will now show you exactly how much money you've spent on video games

Alongside a minor UI update that allows publishers and developers to present their library of games in a more appealing fashion, Steam also pushed out an interesting new feature: the ability to see your total historical spending on the platform.

The newly added tool racks up all the money you've spent acquiring your extensive gaming library, and might make you think twice before you binge-buy a whole host of games at one of Steam's annual Summer Sales, likely happening sometime at the end of June this time around. Perhaps not such a wise marketing move by Valve, after all.

Similar third-party tools also exist but they don't necessarily have the exact purchasing history that Steam itself would possess. On the other hand, the tool does not take into account the value of games you may have acquired codes to via third-party sites, or received as part of something like a Humble Bundle. It also only counts real money you've spent on the platform, so games purchased via Steam Wallet credits earned through trading items on the Marketplace are also not included in the total sum.

The tool can be accessed through this link, and shows two figures: 'OldSpend' and 'TotalSpend'. The latter is obviously the figure you should be interested in, though we have no idea what the former stands for.

Via: PC Gamer

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