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Phyn Plus releases second generation water monitor that's smaller, lighter and cheaper

Hero image of the second generation Phyn Plus water monitor

The Internet of Things market is booming, and while many devices are frivolous, devices that improve the safety and security of your home are important to consider. We gave the original Phyn Plus a score of 9 out of 10 in our recent review because, in addition to giving insights into your home's water usage, it can also prevent a catastrophic flood from a burst pipe. One of the negatives we pointed out was the high price tag. Coming in at $699, the device may have been a bit out of reach for some people. We also noted that the Phyn Plus was a bit bulky and some homes may have issues with installation in tight spaces.

Phyn took this feedback and redesigned the Phyn Plus by making it smaller, lighter and $200 cheaper. The new device has all of the same features as the first generation Phyn Plus, but is much smaller, including a more compact power supply. The old dimensions were 2.97" (7.54cm) L x 8.43" (24.41cm) H x 5.6" (14.22cm) D, while the new dimensions are 2.62" (6.65cm) L x 8.36" (21.2cm) x 4.12" (10.47cm). That reduces the volume from roughly 140 cubic inches (2290 cubic cm) down to 90 cubic inches (1475 cubic cm).

All of the features of the original device are still present, and it appears that the company is working with some new utility companies, offering rebates via the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Southern Nevada Water Authority, San Antonio Water System, and Orlando Utilities Commission, among others.

If you already have the first generation device, there's no reason to change it out, but if you've wanted more insights into your water usage in order to save the planet's most precious resource, you might want to check out the newest revision of the Phyn Plus.

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