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Pixelapse, the Github for designers, has been acquired by Dropbox

Image: Pixelapse

The Pixelapse concept is fairly straight forward and they sum it up pretty well: collaborate designing and version control for creatives. By operating only on the files being edited rather than within any specific program, it allows a git-like form of management that programmers and coders have enjoyed for so long. On a message posted on Pixelapse's blog, they indicate that they've been acquired by Dropbox and hope that Dropbox would be able to expand their business model.

Initially raising money through Y Combinator in 2012, Pixelapse has earned itself a badge of honor among designers for being a high quality platform. More interesting, however, is that Dropbox was also a Y Combinator startup company-- Dropbox raised initial funding from Y Combinator in 2007. This also isn't the first time that Dropbox has acquired collaboration or YC-backed platforms; in early 2014, Dropbox acquired the YC-backed online document collaboration platform Hackpad and has also made a series of acquisitions since.

As for Pixelapse, the company indicated that their standalone services will be active for another year before they'll be ready for the Dropbox merge. It will be interesting to observe whether the company's culture and product will remain the same, or if it will just end as another Incredible Journey. Here's to hoping it's the former and not the latter.

Source: Pixelapse Blog

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