PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds chalks up nearly two million concurrent users

There was a time not so long ago that Valve's DOTA 2 was considered unbeatable in terms of popularity on the PC platform. With a record of over 1.2 million concurrent users on Steam, it was thought to be nigh impossible to surpass and, yet, not only did PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds break that record, it's still cruising ahead and firing on all cylinders.

After Battlegrounds broke ahead of DOTA 2 as the most popular game on Steam for the first time in August, it soon followed up on that success by exceeding the highest player count ever recorded on Steam within just a month. This month, the juggernaut was found barely shy of creating another record for popularity, reaching the two million concurrent users mark.

With 1.98 million users over the weekend and a peak of 1.95 million users in the last 24 hours, the game accounted for almost 12% of Steam players for the day. For the go-to gaming platform for the majority of PC gamers, accounting for 12% of traffic is an incredible achievement and, if things stay as they are, one that the PUBG will outshine in no time whatsoever.

The wild success of the game since it launched earlier this year has manifested itself in many bizarre ways over the past few months, with even trivial cosmetics in the game selling for incredulous amounts of money. It was also the reason for the team behind the game being spun off into an independent studio from parent company Bluehole Studios, which will likely result in an even faster cadence of updates and new content being pushed to the new sweetheart of the PC gaming community.

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Source: Steam Charts via GameSpot

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