PlayStation 4 is now the second best-selling home gaming console of all time

In the new second-quarter of 2019 financial results Sony posted today, the company revealed that the PlayStation 4 and its Pro variant have sold in total an additional 2.8 million units, bumping the total number up to 102.8 million.

This jump makes the PlayStation 4 officially the second most best-selling home gaming console, beating out the original PlayStation's 102.49 million record, though it is still way behind the PlayStation 2's whopping 155 million number. Nintendo's Wii is now in fourth place, coming in at 101.63 million units sold in its lifetime. Of course, this isn't counting handhelds like the Nintendo DS and Game Boy.

Meanwhile, with the new generation of consoles approaching fast, Sony's overall gaming revenue is down this quarter as expected, dropping 17% over last year while profits are down 28%. The company now expects to move 13.5 million PlayStation 4 units during this fiscal year, reducing the original estimates by 1.5 million.

It's highly unlikely that the PlayStation 4 will manage to pass PlayStation 2's astonishing record, considering the PlayStation 5 has now been officially announced for Holiday 2020. This should make some consumers hesitant on pulling the trigger on a console from the current generation.

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