Plus! updates now available

Cheers Gott for this one, If you purchased Plus! for Windows XP you can now download additional templates for the CD label maker proggie that is included with Plus!

Get the latest Plus! CD Label Maker templates!

Microsoft® Plus! CD Label Maker supports virtually all of the most popular brands and varieties of CD labels, but new brands of CD labels and inserts are being introduced all the time. Plus! for Windows® XP helps you keep up with the most recent additions with this easy update feature.

Update Plus! CD Label Maker now and get these additional templates:

  • Avery CD Label 8834

  • Avery CD Label 8835

  • Avery CD Label 8845

  • Avery Maxell CD Label C95462

  • Avery Maxell CD Label C95662

  • Avery Maxell CD Label C96462

  • Avery Maxell CD Label C96662

  • Avery Maxell CD Label J87662

  • Avery Maxell CD Label J97462

  • Stick-it Right! Ultimate CD Labels & Inserts

Other updates are available on the Plus! website, but they all cost extra money. :(

View: Plus! - CD labelmaker web page

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