iPod Touch with camera, the new landline

Previous rumours regarding a new generation of Nano with inbuilt camera functionality seem to have faded to dust. According to Wired magazine's website, this has paved the way for a fresh bout of rumours, this time regarding the next generation of iPod Touch.

Perhaps its a case of Apple finally noticing that they could attract more people to their media player with this simple addition; or simply because it seems to be the next logical step, either way there is now talk of camera functionality on the next generation of the Touch.

These are just rumours however, but it doesn't mean we can't get excited about them. According to Wired's 'very well connected source' Apple are readying a new version of the iPod Touch with a camera and microphone. All you've got to do is add a Skype account to this mix and apparantly you've made your home phone line redundant in seconds. This could easily transform the smart media player into almost-an-iPhone, thanks Wi-Fi hotspots and 3G-to-Wi-Fi hubs. Imagine, the only home telephone you need is infact the iPod Touch. Seems a little too much to achieve in my opinion.

According to a short article by Gizmodo, this is something At&T (The service provider for the iPhone in the US) should be a little nervous about, regarding: "The prospect of Apple eventually gaining carrier independence with a 100% VoIP solution."

According to Wired's well connected source, Apple's factories in China are already getting into the manufacturing process, however Apple PR have declined to pass comment on this rumor. Wired's source expects this new generation of the Touch to go on sale in two or three months time.

Wired also concurs with the opinion given by Gizmodo in light of this rumor:

"They will transform the entertainment-oriented iPod Touch line into a voice communications tool wherever WiFi is available."

"In addition to these voice-over-IP capabilities, which should have telephone providers quaking in their boots, the microphone (and camera) would enable the iPod Touch to understand voice commands, capture video and images, and work with a wider variety of programs in the App Store."

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