Powertoys get updated on Microsoft Indonesia site

Updated! Hmm.. after waiting all this week for a re-release of Powertoys for XP seems like Microsoft decided to move the date forward (or attempts) to Jan 31st. Thanks to primortal who brought this to our attention from the forums. That same forum thread reminded us that Microsoft is still confused about which year we are currently in.. they posted the following (updated) message below on the Powertoys for XP website.

(January 18, 2001 update) The PowerToys download is currently unavailable. Please check back on January 31, 2001 for the updated version of this download. View that here

We think they mean 2002 if the Powertoys will actually be available on the 31st is anybodys guess. We are not sure why they keep being pushed back and made unavailable but me101 found the updated Powertoys on Microsoft Indonesia.

These are identical to the Oct 25th release this one is under 1mb @ 939kb, while the newer version is just over 1mb. The site also displays that it was modified today (18 Jan 2002) (ie: a repost of the original set)

Sorry for the mis-understanding, it appears these are the older set replaced over the later release that included Audio Shell Player and ISO Burner.

Download: Powertoys for XP

News source: Microsoft Indonesia - Powertoys for XP page

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