PSA: Do not install AMD Radeon 21.11.3 driver if you play Halo Infinite

These are screenshots of Halo Infinite campaign on Xbox Series X

The campaign for Halo Infinite releases in three days and while Neowin's very own Pulasthi was quite impressed with the game itself, judging by its score of 9.5 out of 10, he was far less impressed with the title's performance optimization when he found his RX 580 struggling in many places, even using the latest optimized (21.12.1) driver.

Here's what he observed about the game's performance during his review:

The performance could be better though. While I admit my AMD Radeon RX 580 is now an old graphics card, it is also above the developer's minimum requirements. In the open world, my frame rates stayed stabilized mostly in the 'plummeted' state of around 45 FPS no matter what graphics settings I selected but received a massive jump whenever inside a story mission with much more confined environments.

Interestingly, AMD had already announced earlier that its Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.3 driver did not provide support for the title, albeit for the multiplayer mode. On the driver release notes, the company wrote:

Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 21.11.3 does not provide support for Halo Infinite™ (Multiplayer mode).

However, despite the game having no support on the driver 21.11.3, it still launches fine. Though, ComputerBase testing suggests that you probably shouldn't run the game using this driver, not even for the single-player campaign.

As per ComputerBase's testing, the Halo Infinite-optimized 21.12.1 Adrenalin driver is seen offering more than three times the performance (image below) compared to 21.11.3, meaning that you should avoid the latter. The performance seen here far exceeds even AMD's own claims for the 21.12.1 driver.

As you may notice from the image, there is a Halo Beta driver present in it. This one was specifically launched by AMD perhaps to address the issues 21.11.3 had, as ComputerBase's numbers suggest it definitely helped by a lot.

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