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Razer launches Wolverine V2 controller for Xbox and PC with Mecha-Tactile buttons

Razer has announced a new version of its Wolverine wired controller for Xbox consoles - including the new Series X|S and Xbox One - as well as PC. The Wolverine V2 is a wired controller, just like its predecessors, and it packs a couple of improvements over its predecessors.

First, it has a new design with a more curved grip that should fit more comfortably in the user's hands. On top of that, the grips use rubber instead of plastic, making them less slippery during longer play sessions.

The face buttons are also using Razer Mecha-Tactile switches, which offer a lower actuation distance of 0.65mm compared to traditional membrane buttons. Previous Wolverine controllers also did this, but the V2 also has a Mecha-Tactile D-Pad, which is shaped like a cross now, instead of being four separate buttons. The Mecha-Tactile buttons are rated for three million presses, so they should be fairly durable. As for the shoulder triggers, Razer has built in a Hair Trigger Mode, which reduces the travel distance needed to actuate the triggers. This can be useful in online games where quick reaction times are crucial.

The Wolverine V2 is the cheapest of the Wolverine controllers, so it does make some sacrifices compared to the Wolverine Ultimate and Tournament Edition. There's no Razer Chroma RGB lighting on this model, and the "quick access" buttons at the bottom of the Wolverine Ultimate are also not here. Additionally, you only get two customizable multi-function buttons next to the shoulder buttons and triggers, while other models had four (in the Tournament Edition) or six (in the Wolverine Ultimate). These buttons can be customized with the Razer Controller Setup app for Xbox, which can also be used to adjust thumbstick sensitivity.

The Razer Wolverine V2 is available today directly from Razer for $99.99/€119.99.

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