Redstone update for Windows 10 to bring greater connectivity between PC and smartphone

With Threshold 2 nearing release, Microsoft has set its eyes on the next major feature update to grace Windows 10. Dubbed Redstone, it will be released sometime in mid-2016 and, according to a new report, will focus heavily on expanding the current capabilities of 'Continuum' and bring greater interoperability between your Windows 10-powered PC and smartphone.

One of the biggest changes to come with the update is supposed to be the real-time migration of data between devices. For example, you might start working on an email on one device and then continue on another. No need to go to your drafts folder or wade through a series of menus; as soon as you open the app on another device, it will know where you left off and allow you to continue your work right away.

Apple has, of course, been working on a similar feature set with OS X and iOS, which it referred to as 'Continuity'. Microsoft seems to have taken a page from Apple's playbook, then, as not only is the company focusing on bringing the above functionality to its OS but is also rumoured to be working on allowing users to make phone calls directly from their PCs.

We have already seen a snippet of this in practice, as Microsoft recently allowed users to send text messages using Cortana on their PC and this seems to be the natural evolution of that capability. Indeed, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has often emphasised on his plan to focus on the mobility of the experience, and not the mobility of the device. A more tightly integrated OS across different devices with shared capabilities is certainly the next step in that direction.

This being a planned feature, and with the Redstone update being a year or so out, things could still go either way, and the feature could be cut or delayed, as was the case with Edge extensions, which were delayed till next year.

Source: WinBeta

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