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Report: Android-based phones consume more data than other phones

Data usage for wireless phones are of great interest to consumers as more wireless companies are either switching over to tied data plans or at least thinking about it. Now a new report from Nielsen claims that if you own a phone based on Google's Android operating system, you actually consume more data per month than any other smartphone.

The report says that for the first quarter of 2011, Android-based phones used 582 MB of data each month. That's compared to just 492 MB of data a month for Apple's iPhone and 448 MB of data for phones based on the webOS platform. Windows-based mobile phones only used 174 MB of data a month while Blackberry-based phones used a tiny 127 MB of data a month.

While the study doesn't explain why Android-based phones have higher data consumption, GigaOM does speculate on the issue. One reason might be that big software updates for Apple's iPhone are handled via a wired connection to a PC or Mac via iTunes while Google handles Android updates wirelessly. Also, Apple requires that apps for the iPhone that are bigger than 20 MB be downloaded via WiFi rather than a 3G connection.

Nielsen's report claims that 36 percent of all smartphone owners use an Android-based phone followed by 26 percent for iPhone users and 23 percent for owners of RIM-based phones. Windows Mobile came in at 9 percent, followed by the webOS and Symbian-based phones at 2 percent each. Phones based on Windows Phone 7 and the Palm OS came in at 1 percent each, according to the study.

Image via Nielsen

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