Report: Windows 8.1 to dump Messaging app in favor of Skype

When Windows 8 was launched in October, it came with a Messaging app as part of a group of  Windows 8 apps developed in-house by Microsoft. Now it looks like people who upgrade to Windows 8.1 will say "good-bye" to that app.

A new report on The Verge, citing unnamed sources, claims that the final version of Windows 8.1 will not have the Messaging app anymore. Instead, Microsoft will replace it with Skype, which was first released for Windows 8 a few days before its official launch. The current public preview version of Windows 8.1 already lacks the Messaging app as part of Microsoft's collection of pre-installed Modern apps.

This move, if true, would seem to be a logical step for Microsoft as it integrates Skype into more of its services. While Skype was acquired by Microsoft in October 2011, the company has been making slow and steady progress in adding Skype support to its programs. It replaced the old Windows Live Messenger earlier this year, and it will be included as the main chat interface for the company's upcoming Xbox One game console when it launches in November of 2013. Microsoft recently added cross-communication support between Skype and its business-themed Lync message program.

Source: The Verge | Image via Microsoft

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