Report: Xbox 360 and PS3 successors to be shown at E3

Microsoft vs. Sony, prepare for round three. A new report making the rounds has suggested the two giants are set to go head-to-head at this year's E3, as both companies plan to take the wraps off their next home consoles.

Dubbed the "biggest ever E3", MCV have declared it "the very first time in the show’s 17-year history that three fresh, rival console formats will be so directly comparable." Nintendo also plans to lock in final details about the Wii U, the successor to the five-year-old Wii.

Microsoft has given warning to partners of what it plans to reveal at E3, indicating that next-gen plans will be unveiled this year. Likewise, Sony has said that third party developers will not be left in the cold this time around. Both companies have kept their consoles fresh over the years with motion control and software updates.

Although the 360 will be celebrating its seventh birthday next Christmas, Microsoft recently released a tweaked version of the console in a bid to keep the brand new and original. The launch also saw the release of Kinect, the motion tracking device that comments suggested would expand the console's life out to 2015.

Either way, the update saw no new hardware bumps. Employees working on the rumoured 360 successor have updated their CVs to show their contributions, and previous reports have suggested the successor could see a winter 2013 release.

What would you like to see in an Xbox 360 successor? Let us know in the comments.

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