Researchers create super battery: charges in seconds, lasts for weeks

In the future you might be able to tap your phone to get it up to full battery

For years, we’ve watched how our personal computing devices have become better and better at a dizzying speed. But one aspect that’s still laughably bad is battery life, thanks to reliance on decades-old technology which has only seen gradual improvement. Now scientists have developed a breakthrough solution for this problem, developing a type of battery that could last for a whole week while being charged in seconds.

Researchers at the University of Central Florida (UCF) have a created a process whereby they combine the best aspects of regular batteries: stability, long discharge times and convenience, with the best features of capacitors: very quick charge times, long cyclic stability. This type of battery has been tried numerous times before, and many scientists and engineers believes it has a lot potential in revolutionizing the entire field.

But what the UCF researchers managed to do in their tests, was to create these so-called super-capacitors, using nanomaterials and 2D materials, like graphene. They explained:

There have been problems in the way people incorporate these two-dimensional materials into the existing systems ― that’s been a bottleneck in the field. We developed a simple chemical synthesis approach so we can very nicely integrate the existing materials with the two-dimensional materials.

They put the process to the test and managed to create a battery that could last for more than a week, charge in a matter of seconds, and handle up to 30,000 discharge cycles, an order of magnitude above existing lithium-ion models.

Though still not ready for commercialization, the process developed by the UCF scientists may pave the way for a future where battery lives are of no concern to most of us.

Source: ACS Nano Via: Huffington Post

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