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Respawn unveils 'A Glitch in the Frontier' Titanfall 2 free DLC with an intense new trailer

More free content is close at hand for Titanfall 2 players, with Respawn Entertainment unveiling free DLC in the form of 'A Glitch in the Frontier', set to arrive next week. The developer has come out with an impressive, action-packed trailer for the DLC, seen above, showcasing some of its new features.

While last month's 'Colony Reborn' free DLC included a remastered map from the original game, the new DLC brings two brand new maps. Glitch is a medium-sized, wall heavy map closely following the art style of Gauntlet, the single-player campaign's training mission. The second map is Deck, coming as a Live Fire game mode exclusive, and it puts a heavy focus on close-quarter battles, as well as including open courtyards to speed through.

A popular game mode from the original Titanfall is also making a return with the DLC: Marked for Death. Although it may receive some alterations in Titanfall 2, in the original, a member of each team would be marked as a target for the opposing team with the gameplay revolving around protecting your own team's target while trying to kill the enemy's. Every time a team manages to kill the target, it counts as a point towards them, with a prerequisite amount needed to win the match.

In addition, fan favorite M.R.V.N (Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity) NPCs from Titanfall 2's single-player campaign is making an entrance to its multiplayer as a new faction. These harmless robots were plentiful in the campaign, mainly found doing menial tasks on machinery. Some may even remember the hilarious arc tool stealing moment involving a sad MRVN in one of the missions.

The DLC's remaining features listed on the DLC announcement page are below:

  • Update to the Main Menu
  • You will now be able to Gen to 100
  • New Gen icons for your callsign
  • Ability to choose between Prime and regular executions for Titans
  • New execution: Get to the Point [Pulse Blade]
  • Live Fire mode added to Private Match options

The free 'A Glitch in the Frontier' DLC is preparing to drop on April 25 for Titanfall 2, with more free content to follow in the coming months.

Source: EA | Image: YouTube

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