Review: Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Professional

I had the chance to review Easus' Data Recovery Wizard Professional doing exactly what it says it does. The software covers various hard drive file system types, allowing for maximum compatibility with your system, including Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. The program is very light weight in just under 6mb zipped, with a collection of features built into the program. The recovery wizard can retrieve just about any file type on your system, and even has a built in thumbnail viewer for images.

The application was very responsive in all ways when scanning and displaying results without any hang-ups or crashes. The program is very practical with multiple hard drives on one system, allowing a full system scan without re-arranging your hardware. Navigation and recovery is easy with an easy to read interface. The refresh hard drive feature needs correcting when changing the name of your hard drive, and trying to refresh the name of it.

The interface isn't exactly the greatest looking interface I have ever seen, and could use an upgrade, including the layout which would make the programs appearance enjoyable to use. The program just feels outdated when looking at the use of the text and colours.

The good:
The program is able to quickly scan your hard drives bringing back recovered results found on your hard drive, with a display of name, size, file type, and modified date helping users sort out their data. The wizard found an uncountable number of files from my hard drive, mostly files that were removed from the recycle bin. A big list of features with options helps making scanning and recovery a breeze. Very lightweight program that can be carried around to support clients on the go.

The bad:
The wizard was unable to recover all files from a quick formatted partition that I tested it on, but able to recover bits of files. I found a problem with the image viewing part of the application which returned errors. The price of the software is enough to deter users from purchasing the program, at $89.95 for the professional edition, and $69.95 for the standard. At times the data preview also showed different contents that differ from the file name, like during my preview of an rtf file showing me PHP code I had previously written.

When it comes down to it, the program gets the job done. The application is feature rich, which would help anybody understand how to use and recover, ranging from beginners to experts. The application has great hardware support for its size, but faces a number of issues it needs to correct, one of which is the price. With a number of free alternatives out there, it is easy to pass this offer up.

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