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RIP Final Fantasy XIV's blocky grapes, we hardly knew ye

Low poly grapes in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion arrived over a month ago and while it has been extremely popular so far, one item that had been making the rounds on the internet is its low-poly and quite blocky grapes. The topic sparked quite a few memes on social media with many players jumping in on the fun of either criticizing the blocky fruit or praising it as a groundbreaking innovation in the genre of gaming. An example can be seen below:

However, gamers will either be extremely pleased (or disappointed, depending upon which side of the fence you are) that developer Square Enix has issued a patch to "fix" the low-poly grapes in Final Fantasy XIV. The patch notes from version 6.01 read:

An issue wherein the polygon count of grapes in Labyrinthos were reduced in excess to alleviate system memory usage in the area.

* They have been adjusted to be comparable to those found at the Crystarium.

Naturally, this has sparked memes as well, especially when Square Enix revealed the change on Twitter in a humorous manner too:

Farewell low-poly, blocky, Minecraft-y grapes, we hardly knew ye.

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