Rumor: No iPad 3 this year after all?

Some of you might have read reports that Apple might launch a new iPad tablet device by the end of the year. The reports claims that the iPad 3 might have a higher resolution display compared to the current iPad 2. Now Digitimes has posted up word that any plans Apple might have had for an iPad 3 launch this year have been scrapped. The story says that the reason for the delay is, oddly enough, because of the display screen.

Specifically Digitimes claims via unnamed sources that Apple was unable to get enough of the higher resolution screens made from its supply sources such as Sharp, Samsung and LG. Apple was previously supposed to ship as many as 8 million iPad 3s by the end of 2011. However the company still plans to ship as many as 30 million units of the current iPad. Digitimes also claims that the delay of the iPad 3 launch has also caused other tablet makers to delay launches of its own product launches in 2011. The article doesn't specify which tablet makers are affected.

That means that Apple will likely only launch its new and long awaited iPhone 5 this fall along with the refresh of its iPod media player product line. A new story over at reports, again via unnamed sources, that Apple will actually launch the iPhone 5 on October 7 with pre-orders for the smartphone taken a week beforehand. As usual take these kind of unsourced stories with a big grain of salt.

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